Thursday, January 15, 2015


Last night I hit my first hurdle on my road to a healthier me. I know my downfall is chocolate so when a friend of mine gave me two packets of snack size Hershey milk chocolate bars I should have politely declined. Of course I didn't. 

When I got them back to my house I should have maybe put them in the freezer to portion them out later or hidden them in the far corner of the pantry...the ol' out of sight, out of mind trick. But I didn't.

I waited until after I made myself a healthy stir-fry vegetable dinner and then had chocolate for dessert. Too much of it in fact. I realized after the third little snack bar that it was WAY TOO SOON to think I had any level of control over my sugar addiction yet so I did the only thing I COULD do. I threw the rest of them away.

I grew up with the knowledge of two things concerning, there was never enough of the tasty stuff around but plenty of "food" to eat I wouldn't have fed my dog, and two, my mother would have literally beat me with a belt if I didn't consume everything she put in front of me at mealtime. For me to throw away even harmful junk food was a herculean task and one I could be proud of.

I came across a wonderful website to help me with my challenge to become a healthier me and the best thing about it? It's FREE!! You can visit their website by going to It has a website, an iPhone app and even a YouTube tutorial. Check it out...

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