Monday, May 9, 2016

Tools For My Journey...

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Putting on extra pounds is sooooo easy to do. It's the taking off of them that is so blasted hard. Most of the time we don't even know when those unwanted pounds have crept into our lives until one day we look in the mirror and discover we can't recognize the face looking back at us. What happened to that slimmer, healthier version of ourselves we once knew? Where did we go??

Like the long, painful journey it took to get where I am today, I have begun my journey to go back to my beginning. Back to a place when I wasn't ashamed to look at myself in the mirror. Back to a healthier version of myself when I could walk into any store I wanted and select clothing from the rack instead of from some back pages of a super size catalog.

I'm clawing my way back to a healthier me and have armed myself for this fight with the following tools:

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1. A TAPE MEASURE...I received a brand new tape measure with my Weight Watchers' welcome package. I know I should measure my body now before I get any further on this weight loss path but I'm not sure I'm ready to do that yet. I'm embracing the idea of the pounds I'm losing, but a small part of me is too ashamed to know just what those numbers are. Maybe some day...


2. POUNDS LOST VASE...another WW member posted something similar online and I loved this idea so much I had to make one for myself! I found these clear vases and colorful pom poms at my local dollar store and for only $4 I now have a cute visual on how many pounds I have lost so far and how many to go.


3. MOTIVATIONAL took me over two years to reach my first level Black Belt at my martial arts school. I have decided to use the same dedication and determination in this weight loss journey as I have used to achieve my current rank of Fourth Degree Certified TaeKwonDo Instructor. To that end I created a "black belt" board for my weight loss goals. For every 10 pounds I lose, I will go up in rank until I achieve my black belt in weight loss as well!

I'm also creating some yummy recipes for myself but THAT is for another post...

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