Friday, April 22, 2016

Negative Nelly vs Positive Polly

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I have come to the conclusion stepping on the scales more than once a week is bad for my motivation and self esteem. I weigh in on Sunday mornings and last Sunday, after two weeks on the new Weight Watchers Online program, I was down 5.2 pounds. That's about as much as this bag of flour. I was feeling pretty good about this whole weight loss thing.

This past Wednesday I stepped on the scales to see how my week was going and the numbers screamed at me that I had regained 3 pounds! I KNEW I had been following the WW plan correctly. I KNEW that weight could have been the result of water retention or even sore muscles from beginning a new workout routine. At that point logic didn't seem to matter. It was extremely discouraging to see those numbers when I was trying so hard!

The old me would have listened to Negative Nelly yelling in my head to just give up and run for the first bag of chocolate I could get my hands on.

The NEW, IMPROVED me listened to Positive Polly whispering in my head, "You can do this!", so I just took a deep breath, stepped off the scales and continued to follow the plan.

This Sunday I will weight in and no matter what those pesky numbers say I will know in my heart that I've overcome the first of many hurdles on the road back to a healthier me. Positive Polly's voice might be tiny, but my potential is to be MIGHTY enough one day to carry all that extra weight on my head instead of my hips!

Happy Weekend everybody...

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