Thursday, February 5, 2015



Now that my world seems to have settled into a cautious wait and see mode, I can get back to checking out what is available online to help me with my goal of becoming healthier in 2015. A few years ago I came across a little website called Spark People. There was many things I liked about it then and still liking it now...


All parts of the website are still free! That certainly makes it affordable for everyone. All you have to do is go to their website at and sign up for a free account to have full access to all their weight loss tools.


We aren't cookie cutter people in a cookie cutter world. Our lives can be hectic, our eating schedules sometimes random and not everyone's perfect food plan is carrot sticks and yogurt. Spark People offers flexibility so you can create your own customized meal plans to incorporate changes that are doable if you want to create a healthier lifestyle.


Not everyone wants to drop and do fifty pushups. Others, like myself, might be dealing with specific health issues that make exercising a special challenge. Spark People offers hundreds of different options to get moving...from ways to track your workouts to actual videos showing how to do the moves.


I imagine no matter what my question might be regarding starting a new, healthier lifestyle, I would be able to find an article at to help me stay on track. I'm not the first person to have lost my way to the food table and unfortunately I probably won't be the last. But at least for the brave ones who have decided to change their lives for the better, there is a huge treasure trove of information at their fingertips and again, it's all FREE!


Humans are not robots. We aren't wired to go through life alone and that includes fighting to create a healthier lifestyle for ourselves. Spark People has a wide range of community support groups you can join. Have special dietary needs? There's a group for that! Over 50 female? There's a group for that! Working the swing shift and trying not to eat all your meals on the go? There's probably even a group for that! 

A part of me is a deeply private spirit. But my extra weight I've gained over the years didn't happen while I sat on my tush on some deserted island somewhere. It happened in the middle of living my life among a sea of people. So why not reach out to some of those people who are struggling just like me and let's encourage each other to get over those hurdles together? That way, when we reach the finish line together, there will be someone to do the happy dance with...


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