Wednesday, February 11, 2015


When I say I'm rolling in dough, I don't necessarily mean I'm up to my eyeballs in pastries. I mean I have a little extra money coming my way and I'm trying to decide what to spend it on.

The gremlins living in my house don't like me trying to save up my money. It seems like every time I try to save a little back those gremlins go to work making as much trouble for me as possible.  The first time I tried stashing some extra cash away at my house, my water heater in my kitchen burst and flooded my kitchen. The next time I tried saving money, my toilet literally fell through the bathroom floor. The last time I tried to save up some coins, my car broke down. I began seeing a pattern where I believe God doesn't want me to depend on some secret stash I tuck away in some can somewhere. 

So what to do with this treasure trove of moolah I find coming my way? 

I've decided to invest it in ME! I'm going to buy some things to help me on my way to getting healthier. But what to choose? Should I buy a workout video to do at home? Maybe a book to help me make better food decisions? How about a fancy pedometer to count my steps while I walk? It's not a whole lot of money but enough to buy a couple of things to help me along the way as I slim down.

I need your help! If you had about $100 to spend what would YOU spend it on? Give me some suggestions and help me choose some cool things to keep me motivated...


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